Ribbon & Tape Wholesale

Ribbon & Tape Wholesale

Ribbon Wholesale

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Wholesale ribbons, satin, organza and more

Ribbon wholesale, satin ribbons in 84 colors

For event, florist, gift shop and packaging

Lintengroothandel.nl offers you the opportunity to buy ribbon and tape at competitive prices.
Our range includes satin ribbon in various designs, organza ribbon and various types of ribbon.
More information can be found under the categories with satin ribbons, organza ribbon and various  types with glitter and printing.

Satin ribbon in 84 colours Ribbon with gold edges glitter-ribbon grosgrain-ribbon organza with gold edges organzaribbon in 28 colours ribbons with dots Tartan ribbon checkered ribbon affordable satin ribbon fire retardant ribbon ribbon cut to size webbing for bags and chairs cord and strings embroidery machine threads in 120 colours tulle on roll 15 cm organza fabric on a roll

Buy ribbon, affordable, wide range

In our ribbon wholesaler you will find a variety of ribbons in various designs.
In addition to the popular satin ribbon in budget and premium versions, we offer organza ribbon, glitter ribbon and checked ribbon.
There are numerous other types available.
We regularly expand our offering, especially at the request of our customers.
Are you looking for a specific product?
Please contact us without obligation.
Over time we have built up an extensive network.
Almost any product can be delivered.
Directly from the manufacturer, or via European importers.

Are you only a wholesaler of ribbon?

Our range is larger.
We also offer various types of tape, such as twill tape and bag tape.
You can find some of this in the webshop, you can inquire about other versions.
Almost every version is available.


In addition to our ribbon wholesaler, we also have a production department.
Here we cut ribbon and tape to size for numerous customers.
Two methods are possible:
So called cold cutting for tape, and hot cutting for satin ribbon.
The advantage of this last method is that the cut edge is melted invisibly.
This prevents the ribbons from fraying.